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    possible mod for The Island server (or all of them I suppose)

    Have you ever looked at the poo and egg collector mod at all? could be quite useful

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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeMcG View Post
    Have you ever looked at the poo and egg collector mod at all? could be quite useful

    Best thing since sliced bread. love it.

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    Yep, we used to have it on Valhalla and it was amazing. The mod author Pegi (Now called FennecFox) is probably the best mod author out there. She runs a whole slew of mods and has kept them up to date consistently without fail. Out of all the mods we ran from Valhalla, this is one I wouldn't necessarily mind adding to The Island and Scorched Earth as it poses the least amount of risk. I'm currently having some trouble with the Ark backups, once that is resolved I'll consider adding it.

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    Sweet, Thx Mike for suggesting this Mod! Looking forward to using it when you manage to add it to the servers

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    awesome looking forward to this coming in

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    The "Egg N Poop Collector / Incubator" mod has been added to The Island and Scorched Earth. It will not be added to The Center due to the nature of the gametype of Primitive Plus.

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    Talking Awesome

    This is awesome!! Thanks very much Jiro. Look forward to seeing it in action!

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    Structures plus added their own version of the Egg/Poop collector and now the Egg N Poop/Incubator Collector is redundant. I'm removing the mod from The Island and Scorched Earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by Structures Plus Change log
    - New Structure: S+ Item Collector (will pick up unfertilized eggs, poop, achatina paste, allows preserving salt in inventory, uses propellant for fuel)

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    hey buddy, sorry to be a pain but is there any chance we can get this back? the S+ one is naff, it needs propellant to work which can only be picked up from Scorched Earth (which is a bit rubbish for people who don't have the DLC) and on top of that it doesn't have an incubator or the fertilizer section either.


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