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    Help on ark server

    This is one of those "if you don't ask you don't get" moments.

    So I was on the island server looking to take some stuff over to the scorched earth server to make a base. So I used the glass smithy to make some walls and foundations and I went to take them to scorched earth server but when I got there noticed that it doesn't have a glass smithy mod (booo)

    anyway, due to this I lost all 50 Glass Metal Foundations and 50 Glass Metal Walls I had on me. Any chance (this one time) I could get helped out? was a fair bit of stuff when you think about the mats

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    In this case, I don't think so. The mods for the servers are clearly listed in the main ark thread and are shown on all advertisement posts for the servers. The only reason glassmetal is still around on The Island is because some people built bases out of it before S+ hit the market, but it's being slowly phased out and will be removed at some point. Next time build with Structures Plus, they have glass pieces too

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    yeah thought that might happen, no worries, I just assumed the mods would be the same on the servers.

    I was going to build out of glass metal as it looks better than the S+ glass tbh

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