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    Angry Unbalanced Wild Giga

    Hi Jiro,

    Just a general enquiry really.

    Now as we all know Gigas, are absolute beasts. They pretty much one bang most thing's and the best advice is to avoid at all costs.

    However here is my problem. Yesterday, whilst out Farming Meat. I had my level 251 Giga, 19k Health, 210% Damage being escorted by my 350 Bear Poseidon as my back up meat carrier .

    A Wild level 34 Giga, spawned at North Zone 1, and was hastily making her way down towards our base. So seeing how My Giga, Was OP for a tame. I decided the best option would be to drag her away down the beach, and hope to get her stuck in the sea so I could munch her to death.

    How Wrong I was!!! within literally 1 second her first bite killed my Bear (my Fault for keeping her on follow) and my giga was at 3/4 health, It was also at this time, The bug you get where your stuck within each other stuck so I was pretty much screwed! within 6 bites, plus the enrage damage. My 251 Giga was gone. along with all my gear. To a LEVEL 34!!!!. now I can accept it's part of the game. Ark is glitchy, so getting stuck and losing gear is normal.

    However to lose my 251 Giga, Which we all know are a massive pain to tame in the first place. To what should be a massively weaker one. Does not make sense?! We then went back with two Ascendant rifles and unloaded 1000 ADVANCED bullets, 10 rockets, 5 grenades and a few c4 (Actual fact) into the Spawn of Satan! and it finally fell!! what is the balance on this? as I'm struggling to understand why the giga's are not adjusted to their level? This Giga was harder than Broodmother!! it makes no sense?

    Any answer would be great!

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    This is actually an intended game mechanic. Wild Giganotos are extrodinarily robust and have around 80,000 HP and very high melee. When you tame a giga it is imediately hit with negative multipliers to nerf the HP and Melee.

    Because of the negative multipliers even the strongest of tamed gigas are no match for a wild giga. I personally have a max level giga set that were imprinted and I wouldn't even take on a level 8 wild giga with them.

    The best way to kill a wild giga is to use a Quetzal platform saddle with species X plants. Drowning or using Ptera barrel rolls are options as well, but much more dangerous as one small mistake and you're toast. This is just one of those hard lessons you learn in Ark.

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    yeah I've never been a fan of giga's in person, always worried it's going to turn around and one bang me while riding it

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    Thank you for response Jiro.

    Yes just very frustrating, I should of done a bit more research on the Beasts!!

    I will take your Quetz Build idea and copy that and avoid gigas at all costs without it!!

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