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Hi InsaneJ,
I have a small job as web developper and realised I got a not in use 860 evo 256gb laying around, which I can sell to you for cheap. If i'm right you live in the netherlands aswell. I would also suggest to run the website on a cheap hosting service to make some space on the ssd's for ark and mc. Website hosting is really cheap atm. I can also host something for you for free if youre intrested. So contact me if you want anything,
Greetings Bram.
Thanks for your offer, Bram

Right now we have no shortage in disk storage. Recently I've upgraded our server with two 6TB SAS drives. In addition to four 300GB 10K SAS drives, two 256GB EVO PRO SSDs, six 3TB WD Red drives and a 1TB nvme SSD for caching we have plenty of space to put everything.

Compared to hosting ARK and heavily modded Minecraft servers, the web server doesn't use up a whole lot of resources. We upgraded our server to 128GB of RAM a short while ago. Right now that is sufficient to run all the servers we want.

All those figures combined add up to quite a large sum of money. But compared to having to rent servers, it's cheap. Also it's a bit of a hobby