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    Angry Ark: Scorched earth, stuff gone

    so.. recently my tribe owner decided to raid a base and kill all dinosaurs standing there on passive.
    i guess this happened 2 days ago, i came online today to find my stuff gone unconsious in my half destroyed base, then someone told me the admin destroyed everything my tribe had. so i'm getting punished for something the tribe owner did, when i heard what happened i left the tribe immediately, but now all my work has been for nothing, my lvl 290 thylacoleo and 200 argentavis are dead and i dont have anything to do.
    since i don't see how im in fault in this situation, could someone please return my stuff and the dinosaurs i just named.
    my in-game name is Henk.

    thank you for your time.

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    I understand your frustration, and I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to refund those dinos because they were specifically used to wipe another tribe. At least two members of the Wouten tribe, HOMOWOUTEN and Pasha Biceps, wiped out the Trump's Tributes tribe's dinos, indoor structures, and all of their items. The level 194 argentavis and 276 thylacoleo were specifically used in the attack to kill Trump's Tributes dinos as evident in the tribe log posted by the victim tribe.

    HOMOWOUTEN was banned based on his actions and what he said to the victim tribe in public server chat. The other 3 members I found in the tribe Wouten were not banned, but the consequences were that the Wouten tribe be similarly wiped. I'm sorry if you were completely separate from your tribe and what had occurred. It is unfortunate if you had no part in the raid, but you were still part of the tribe and the tribe as a whole was penalized. It was wise of you to leave the tribe. I suggest you start a new tribe (or join one) and play with players that will follow the rules of the server. I wish you luck with your survival, and maybe I'll see you on the servers!

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