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    Arrow Keeping the Change or Reverting?

    Hi Jiro,

    With the player base of Ark so split. I was wondering what your take on it all is?

    Are you genuinely enjoying the flyer nerf?

    Because I know we're not. As the same it seems with the majority of the server.

    A mod has just been produced and it has over 23k subscribers already with a 5 star rating.

    I'm just wondering as it's a private server anyway? Would it be a possibility to revert if the majority of the server requested it?

    Or are we sticking with WC's idea of how we should play their way...

    Just a question and food for thought. if I'm being truthful. I hate the flyer nerf, The horses are fantastic, Those raft wrecking whales are a nightmare but fun. How the deep sea should be scary!! the tek underwater bases, seem like a great idea. However we are nowhere near this

    Just would like yo hear your thoughts and if you think change should happen?

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    i've been asked to come here and comment ................ so here it is

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    ok, so I've been called a couple of names and been told to give me opinion on this rather than just comment so here it is lol.

    I was really upset with the nerf, I've been playing Ark for a very long time now and I'm upset with the nerf, I feel they've gone too far in one go but at the same time I've also seen that they have said they wanted to do it all in one go so that people didn't see their flying dinos get progressively worse over a period of time and that they have said they will be upping the stats (if not all the way back to what it was)

    I feel they will get there eventually I'm just worried with the amount of time it will take and how many players they will lose because of it.

    In regards to the mod, I have mixed feelings. I would love to see the flyers fixed and think that we could have the mod in place until they get to the right point with the flying stats and then remove it. On the other hand, I don't think I've ever seen as many players on the island server than I have since the nerf (last night there were 14 players on the server NOT including my guys from Trumps Tributes)

    You guys have already got a STUPID amount of upvotes and likes for your server, hell it's the reason why we joined but it seemed that you didn't have a huge amount of people playing on the island server as much these days, a lot of the time it was just us but our plan has always been to have as many of our guys on the server so that other people see players and want to join too.

    Now I don't know if it's just a coincidence that there are more people joining the island server since the nerf but I'd certainly want to get their opinions on the possibility of using the mod before anyone thought about using it or not. I'll see if they are on again tonight and try and convince them to sign up to the forum and come along and give their opinion.

    In all honesty though, right now, I'm on the fence in regards to the mod

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    Well I can say my personal opinion is that the flyer nerfs were taken way too far. It pretty much obliterated my months of ptera/quetzal breeding advances. With that being said, Wild Card did say that it was going to be taken to the extreme first and then tweaked back a bit. I'd like to see how WC will tweak the nerf before I sign up the server for a new mod that will rollback the changes.

    A similar scenario happened last year when WC completely changed the leveling and stat system for dinos. Melee and HPs were drastically changed. People wanted a rollback on the changes, but eventually it worked out and everybody adapted to the changes. Now the basic stats of dinos as they currently are is normal. Let's give it some time and see how it plays out.

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    Talking :0)

    Really glad they buffed them! Especially Quetzals!! the 75% increase on gatherers such as the Ankylo, Doedic, mammoth is a god send!!

    I honestly don't think I've had this much fun on a video game since GTA San Andreas first coming out!! Sound like a broken record, but this server is very lively now. Good bunch of people. and to my Fellow Trumpanites! It's been a pleasure building that beast with you all!!

    Looking forward to more challenges ahead!!

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