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    I've been recieving many messages from both parties about this ever evolving report. The latest message confirms the original report of Joe and Stijns luring Therizinosuaruses to Progamer192's house to grief.

    Message from DenJoe:
    Quote Originally Posted by DenJoe
    I have strong evidence against Progamer192,
    My friend Stijns has sended a Photo that Progamer192 was in our Tribe,
    Also Progamer192 stoled my Pte Sadle en he was griefing.
    I will add a photo of Progamer192 being in the Tribe.
    I recommend a strong punishment againt Progamer192 because this is against the rules!
    And do you not think this situation is extremely weird?
    Me and my friend Stijns having an other story ( we are with 2) and Progamer192 has a different story, that is true yeah we leaded an Therizinosaurus to his home,
    BUT we did it because HE (Progamer192) was GRIEFING.

    I hope you will take Progamer192 and give him a correctly and good punishment.
    Thanks in advance,
    greets from DenJoe en Stijns.
    ( I dont know how to add the photo, but my friend's photo of Progamer192 being in the tribe is in the forums).
    DenJoe and Stijns told me that they didn't lure a therizinosaurus to Progamer192's house yesterday when asked. Now the story has changed as DenJoe has admitted to doing it.

    Now for the alleged alpha raptor luring that Joe and Stijns claim Progamger192 did. According to Progamer192 he didn't lure an alpha raptor and, did infact,have one lured to his base. Progamer192 has provided me with a lot of evidence to show that this is the way it played out.

    First piece was a picture taken from DenJoe's steam page.

    Name:  346110_screenshots_20170413144401_1.jpg
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    Progamer192 sent me this picture to illustrate what is happening in the picture taken from DenJoe's steam page. The red circle is DenJoe and Stijns' base and the blue circle is Progamer192's base. This shows that an alpha raptor was headed toward Progamer192's base, being led by DenJoe.

    Name:  20170414_043852.jpg
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    And here are logs from Progamer192's tribe log showing the griefing that occurred after the alpha raptor was led to his base.

    Name:  20170414121116_1.jpg
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    Name:  20170414121132_1.jpg
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    Typically for these offenses I would have given a warning with a requirement to help the victim rebuild, but given how this whole thing unfolded, how highly suspisious the alpha raptor luring is, and that I was initially lied to about the luring of a therizinosaurus to Progamer192's base by Joe and Stijns I'm going bump this up to a ban from our Ark servers.

    DenJoe (Joe) and gamerstieno1 (Stijns) are banned for griefing a player and lying about it. They can make a ban appeal if they so choose in the Ban/Unban Requests section of the forums.

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    Once again, the plot thickens.

    I recieved this message from Progamer192:
    Quote Originally Posted by Progamer192
    I saw that you banned both of the player on the servers and I want to say thank you for that, but I also want to apologize because stijns had nothing to do with the alpha raptor but he also didn't really do anything with the therizinosaurus, he was following him and so he was targetting him, obviosly, but I didn't know that he was getting followed so I went outside my house, got too close to the therizinosaurus wich resulted in attacking me. So basicly stijns didn't grief me, he may have lied about the raptor but as you could see on the screenshot of joe, stijns wasn't near and he may not even knew about it. So I'm sorry for bothering you but, please, unban stijns he didn't do anything wrong. Also 2 hours ago we were online and we talked about it and he said that he didn't mean to "lure" the therizinosaurus. So sorry for the misunderstanding, I hope you unban him because being banned for unfair reasons are not fun. :/
    This basically tells me that the entire premise of this report was false since the "luring of the therizino" was actually accidental. It seems all parties involved said things that didn't happen, and were probably motivated by anger. I'm downgrading the bans on Joe and Stijns to warnings and I'm also adding a warning to Progamer192 for the false report. Being in a warning status means that if any of you break any rules, you're instantly banned. This report is closed.

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