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    Talking Island Server

    Hello Everyone!!

    Can I just say how awesome it is too see the Island Server thriving the way it is!

    When myself and our clan came over, we were basically the only ones playing.

    We had 5 regularly playing. and save for Epi, Joey and Onyx. It was very rare to see the server past 5 people at once.

    Trump's Tributes (our Tribe) hilarious I know, have been playing on the server for 3 months now. and its been non stop fun.

    We find the Admin Jiro, very fair and helpful. And due to it being so quiet we have had the ability to build a Wall!!! yes I did it!! haha

    No we have been able to build a pretty phenomenal base. All thanks to the S+ mods you have on the server!! Thank the lord for being able to pick up walls instead of destroying them!!

    Unfortunately with patch V256, a few people left, Alaric, Epi sadly no longer regularly on the server. Which is a shame, as it was nice to have a race with other's to see who would get he best stuff first!! you beat us on the Wyverns and Rock Golems!! Still impossible now to catch a bloody Wyvern!!

    That being said within the last 2 weeks though, we were very surprised to see all these random names joining the server. And they have stuck around!!! every time I log on in the evening, the server is past 10+ players. its brilliant!!!

    Due to the great rating you guys have, I'm hoping this continues to grow and more and more players join and enjoy the server the same way we have!!

    A great big welcome to all the new players on the Island and SE!!

    keep up the good work Jiro!! and Thank you InsaneJ for footing the bill!!

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    I'm glad you're enjoying the servers

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