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    Question A small question ;)

    After some circumstances i need to ask a simple question:

    Does anyone playing on The Center Prim+ Server have access to Admin commands or Admin-like stuffs?

    Btw. You do really good job Jiro! Thank you! I have recommended you and the Servers.

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    Thank you

    The only people with access to admin commands on any of the Ark servers are the HappyDiggers admins, and typically I'm the only admin taking care of most of the Ark stuff. Unfortunately, on our Primitive Plus server there was a time when transfers were allowed from private servers and single player which was unintentional and was shut down the moment I learned of the exploit. During this time anybody could transfer anything to the server from any server or single player. I've gone around and checked out bases and places to make sure there wasn't anything else brought into the server but it's very likely I missed a few things. If you suspect something is not right and that it might have been transferred in or shouldn't be something obtainable in Primitive Plus please let me know so I can take care of it.

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    Ok, good to know. And the Person who teleported into one of our Base to help changing ownership of a Quetz from a Tribe Member (so we could upload it for him instead of deletion) was you? Cant remember the full name because he moved so fast, DenJoe? DocOlds? Really, i dont remember. Maybe just a Co-Admin (if yes we could talk to him if someone of the new joining people needs fast answer)?

    Well I wont suspect someone if i cant prove that im right. And i wont get in trouble. Man, its such Hard work in Prim+, no Scuba gear, no Tranq arrows,.. Oo xD This Mosasaurus must have been really hard work in this early State.

    Anyways, im drifting. Thank you for your time to answer.
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    That was me, my in game name is Onyx of the tribe FireKeepers. It's actually not as hard as you would think to get a mosa, you just need to invest points into oxygen and make sure you have a high level Megalodon with a bunch of points in HP to make it tanky. And primitive plus does have tranq arrows, but no tranq darts. DocOlds is my tribemate, he's a VIP HappyDiggers member which is a non staff position for people who contribute to the HappyDiggers community in a positive way. Both DocOlds and I have well over 3k hours in Ark so we know a thing or two about how to play the game and get the good stuff/dinos

    DenJoe was a player who was recently banned from the HappyDiggers Ark servers for cyber bullying and has no affiliation with HappyDiggers staff in any way.

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    As i said i couldnt remember. Oh it was you? xD Well, ok, so next time i see Onyx, i know its you. And DocOlds is a good VIP Member to ask if someone needs to.

    Great i will give a try. Wish me luck xD

    I hope some more new players will come soon to get more life on the Server.

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