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    Unhappy [ARK Prim+ The Center] Tribe Management Bug? Inventory Rank

    • What did you (try to) do?

    I wanted to change the Inventory Rank (Tribe Group Management Function) from some Chest. After I selected this option nothing happened (screenshot). I tried it on Dinos and it worked there. But it still doesnt work on Chests.

    • What did you expect to happen?

    Like the Activation Rank or Ride Rank you can change the Inventory Rank to manage who or which Tribe group can access. From rank 0 to 10 it should be changed to next Rank, but nothing happened.

    • What happened instead?

    Nothing happened on Chests.

    : ARK Prim+ The Center
    Tribe: Vikings
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    After some Hours something has changed (screenshot). It seems the Server gets stuck? (At this object i tried it many hours earlier.)
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    Anything related to game mechanics is out of my 'jurisdiction' and should be taken up with the developers of the content. In this case I'm not sure if that would be the original developers or the official developers since Primitive Plus is official content now. In any case a post in the bugs section of would be appropriate.

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    Alright. So, it comes out, that an edit on this rank changes after 10-12 hours maybe earlier maybe sooner. Well, now you heard of this Bug, i will go to the developers. Thread can be closed, Bug is detected.

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