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    The Center Primitive Plus Saddle Blueprint Request Thread

    Primitive Plus is a great addition to Ark but the developers running it aren't always updating the total conversion with the latest saddles for the latest dinosaurs in a timely manner. That's what this thread is for. If there is a new dino that doesn't have a saddle engram in the Primitive Plus engram list and you have the appropriate level to buy the engram normally then I can give you a saddle blueprint that will give you the primitive 25.0 armor saddle for the normal cost.

    Example: Basilosauruses don't have a saddle engram in Primitive Plus because it hasn't been added yet. The required level for a basilosaurus saddle in the vanilla Ark is level 55. If you have level 55 and want to be able to craft a basilosaurus saddle you simply request the blueprint recipe in this thread.

    To expedite things please post a picture of your in game level along with your request. This can be done by taking a screen shot of your character's stats screen. The requested blueprints will be put in a pin coded box at the blue obelisk. You will be given the pin code in a private message so you can retrieve your requested blueprints.

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    20170426194714_1.jpg hi jiro Garitos here ^^ so can i haf a basilosaurus a tylacoleo a iguanodon a equu alosaurus and a baryonyx saddle recipe plz thx

    Hey Jiro its me again can we haf a sarco saddle engram plz
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