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    New Dinosaurs Saddles

    I'm really enjoying playing on your Ark - Island server.
    So I'm curious is it possible to find saddles in drops for newer dinos like therizinosaurus, iguanodon, thylacoleo, etc.

    Best regards, HyphyMud.

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    No it's not up to date. The most recent version of augmented loot was released 7 months ago and no new versions have appeared either by the original author or new ones. Creating an up to date loot crate config is very time consuming as you're re-coding a 500k character text.

    The current loot from the config can be found here:

    You can, however, get several of the new saddles from the underwater dungeons including therizino. The list can be found on the wiki:

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    Ok, ty very much. Seems it's time for scuba gear

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