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    Quote Originally Posted by DOM View Post
    Good luck if you are going to the desert!
    Death message "Player withered away" has just got a brand new meaning
    Good to know, I should get ready before I go "steal" some cactus

    Also, speaking of "accidents" - I got rushed by a ghast near the nether portal (town hall one), probably the surroundings got damaged a little bit. Don't worry, I will try to fix it as soon as I get enough courage to stand up to the ghast, i.e. get a bow
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    So I've had a long time to cool down after my rage quit on the vanilla server and chose to try the wither fight again. My plan was to go to the desert, find my stuff (assuming that no one had picked it up yet), and get re-geared for another round.

    Luckily, I was smart and made myself a set of enchanted diamond gear before I left for the desert. I had no idea that the wither would still be around! "How long does it take to despawn?!", I asked myself. I "heroically" (scared) decided to take it on for another fight and slayed it without too much of an issue.

    So, the result of the ordeal is that the desert is now safe again, I have a beacon that I am slowly getting metal blocks to build larger, and well...

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    I started digging a hole...

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