HEAR YE HEAR YE HEAR YE! The gladiatorial coliseum is currently under construction on the island server. Calling all fighters who want to test their skills in PVP and PVPVE for the assembled crowd who will either be cheering you on or baying for your blood! fight against other survivors and even dinos, ranging from dodo's to T-Rex's.

So yeah, basically i'm in the process of building a PVP coliseum on the island server which will involve a fighting pit with elevators to bring up the survivors/dinos, seating area's for people to watch and a concourse where you can go and buy popcorn and other food while you watch people fight to the death

I'm in the process of building it now and am currently building it out of thatch atm mainly so I can get an idea of what I want and then upgrade it.

I ask REALLY nicely that you don't raid this coliseum, there's pretty much nothing there of worth anyway but just keep in mind that it will be opening in the near future for all to enjoy