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Thread: Base Glitch

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    Angry Base Glitch

    Something has gone drastically wrong. Half our base is completely missing.

    At first we thought it was fair game and a raid, but it makes no sense as nothing in the tribe log is showing anything destroyed on this magnitude. also none of our turrets or dinos attacked or are lost and no gear has been taken!

    So if you can take a look urgently as we are missing half of our main base and our t rex pen and bridges are all gone!!

    many thanks Jiro.

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    Can you show me tribe logs so I can see what happened? I'll take a look in game soon.

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    Here is the tribe log from when I logged in this morning.
    Hope it helps
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    And do you have an idea on where those structures were in relation to your base? I'm guessing the stone ceilings were a part of that stone bridge you guys have. What about the wooden ramps, any clue on what part of the base those were part of? Servers are currently updating and then I'll be able to join in and assess. Having someone able to turn off the turrets would help too

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    They were attached to the base but should not be the reason for all the things destroyed, once you get to see it you'll understand what I'm talking about I'm sure
    We're fairly certain it's a bug because, we have a metal behemoth gate, which has no gateframe, but the door still stayed there which is physically impossible as far as we know.
    Someone will hop on soon to check on with the turrets.
    Thanks for looking into it!

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