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    Looking for HappyDiggers Twitch streamers

    We've had a Twitch widget on the home page for years now. Today DOM told me about Twitch's host feature which lets an offline channel show other channels if they are streaming at that time.

    So what we're going to do now is show the HappyDiggers channel on the home page. But since I rarely stream, if ever. I'd like to ask you guys if you would like to be hosted on the HappyDiggers channel?

    If so, let me know what your channel is and I'll add it to the list

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    I got something worked out with DOM a long time ago and did some streaming with Ark Survival of The Fittest (I think that was it) Technodefirmacraft. I'll have to work on remembering to turn it on when I play Ark

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    What's the exact name of your Twitch channel?

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    Added to the list

    I fiddled around with some JavaScript and got a bit of a fancy custom Twitch widget going now. It will check from the list of available streams to see if one is online. Once an online streamer is found it will activate the Twitch stream on the home page. Then it keeps checking to see if the stream is still online. Twitch has quite a long time-out period for this so after a stream has ended it may take a few minutes before it's shut down on the home page. Then it resets the widget and starts from the top checking to see if anyone is streaming. This has the added benefit that the Twitch stream is only loaded when it's actually used thus making making for a faster loading home page.

    Before anyone asks: "But J, Twitch has a fancy host option now. Why not use that?!?".

    We tried. It works well on the Twitch site. But it doesn't apply to embedded streams. So while you could see DOM streaming on the HappyDiggers channel on Twitch, it would not be visible on the embedded stream on the home page. But now with our fancy JavaScript we found a way around that. Enjoy!

    Oh, and if anyone else would like to be added please don't hesitate. There' always room for more.

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    If you anyone doesn't mind I wouldn't mind doing some streaming every now and then, I did a little bit a couple years ago and enjoyed it. As of currently I'm not sure about my wifi stability for it, but I'll check it out. So don't quite add me to anything yet, want to make sure I have the ability to again, but for sure interested!
    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    It's not like we've got a ton of people you can disappoint if you happen to encounter technical difficulties

    Just give me your Twitch account name and I'll add you. Who knows, it might encourage you to actually start

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    Btw, I hope some European streamers would join HD channel, because each time DOM goes online I have to go to sleep because of very late time. DOM actually noticed this my behavior - to come, say hi and go away

    Or I just get notifications about streaming in the morning

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    Twitch: LegendOfAir

    Also question, does it matter what we stream?
    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Legendair968 View Post
    Twitch: LegendOfAir

    Also question, does it matter what we stream?
    Added to the streamer list. I also added you to my hosted channels on my twitch.

    I recommend you stream any game you enjoy. If someone doesn't like it, they can watch another HappyDigger's stream. The goal is to host our community the best we can and to promote the fun in games. I play anything on my stream, not just HappyDiggers server games.

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