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    Ark Servers Visibility

    Is it normal that I can't see HappyDiggers servers in the server list? When I have Primitive Plus on I can see The Center server, but with regular ones I can't see them at all. And I have all the options switched on, no filtering. I type "happy" in the text field and I only get one server and it's not HappyDiggers.

    I need to click on the link here to get on Ragnarok, each and every time...

    (It's my first foray into multiplayer on Ark, so far I only played on single or on LAN).

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    The in game server browser is pretty horrible. Don't bother useing it. I would suggest two methods for finding HappyDiggers servers. The method I use is just selecting my favorites tab in game and having a list of all the servers I play there. The second is using the "my survivors" tab in game to show all the servers you've ever been on (which requires you to have played on the servers at least once).

    The easiest way to set any server to be in your "favorite" listings without having to use the in game server browser would be to open the server window in Steam. To do this open steam, select "view" at the top and select "servers" from the drop down menu. In the servers window select the "favorites" tab and then click "add server" at the bottom of the window.

    Servers to add:

    HD The Island IP: ""
    HD The Center Primitive Plus IP: ""
    HD Scorched Earth IP: ""
    HD Ragnarok IP: ""

    Now you can open up your servers window in steam to view and connect to the servers outside of the game, and you can also connect to the servers within Ark simply by hitting "Join" at the start menu, then selecting the "favorites" search at the bottom.

    For any non-HappyDiggers server you may be looking for I suggest using for a much simpler search. Each server has a link for direct joining, has player counts, info about the server, etc.

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    Okay, so it's not just me then

    I'll try later to add them all to favourites - thanks for the hint on how to do it!

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