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    Water Breeding gets a fix

    So today water breeding gets a fix, everybody who is breeding dinos in large numbers at the same time (5<) knows that the food drain is incredible high without it.
    The Devs said they will set the food drain lower but im still concerned it wont be enough. I will test it out the next week and post my results with Rexes, Brontos and Troodons. Just in case the food drain will be too high i would suggest to set the food drain on dinos slower so you have an actual chance to breed them (try dinos with 50> food when they hatch lol) and set the taming rate a bit higher to compensate with the slower eating of tranqed dinos.
    This is just a sugestion, if it should be happening as im thinking, opinions/suggestions of you would be appreciated.

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    There's already a config option specifically for maturation feeding so that's not an issue. The HappyDiggers servers are set at 2x, meaning they require twice the food normally, to offset the faster maturation. I've never found the food drain to be an issue on the servers no matter how many or what kinds of dinos you're growing simply due to the facts that the server has a 3x harvest and meat stacks to several thousand each. The only thing you have to watch out for is the "baby not eating" bug, but that's completely outside of our control and a problem for the devs to eventually fix.

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