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    PSA - Steam Summer Sale 2017 Has Started

    It's that time of the year again

    Mood enhancer:

    What are you guys thinking about getting this time around? I've got 25 games on my wishlist that may warrant some extra attention.

    I'll probably pick up Redout: Enhanced Edition which should be 60% off right now. At least according to my wishlist. But the store page shows it's normal price for me. Right now the Steam store page is loading extremely slow for me so that may have something to do with it.

    I think I'll try my luck again tomorrow. Other games I'm looking forward to are: Just Cause 3, Zeit2, Hyper Light Driver and ShellShock Live.

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    Why PayPal is among the victims?

    I don't have any very important stuff on wishlist. Too many purchased awesome games not played or not mastered.

    Decided to remove Just Cause 3 from the list because people say it is not very original and has performance issues, so my laptop might not cope.
    Will wait for your impression

    Might buy some just in case. All old good STALKERs just to praise the developer, because have already finished each about twice.
    Maybe that time-eater Stardew Valley of yours.

    P.S. Awesome visuals as usual

    P.P.S. SuperHot is kinda cool, but kinda expensive and doesnt look like a long game.
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