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    Endermen farm suggestion

    Ok, so i was on the Vanilla/chocolate minecraft server XP grinding at the endermen farm. After about and hour of afking and killing, I got to level 40 and enchanted a pick. I got efficency 3 .
    Anway, I was thinking: 1 hour is too much to get to level 40. And I tried expanding on the farm, but I died 4 times and lost most of my items. So, I am suggesting that we scrap the current farm and make a new one. I have a design in mind. It was made by kingdaddydmac and it gets you to level 50 in 5 minutes. Here is a link to the youtube video + the world download is in the description: index=1&feature=plcp

    So, what's your opinion on this?

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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    Building is fine, building is good, build us a new one!

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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    Quote Originally Posted by InsaneJ
    Building is fine, building is good, build us a new one!
    true dat

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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    Go nuts :P

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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    If I am to do this project, I'll need a lot of resources, which I'm kind of low on after dying so many times in the end. So, if anyone could either help by giving me pistons, cobblestone etc. for this project, or help building a couple of layers, that would be much appreciated.
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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    I'll help you out

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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    I'd just thought I'd update you on the farm. Old farm has been cut down. There is a picture of what the floor looked like at the end in the original post. The drop off zone has also finished and the picture is too large of a file to show. Now to make the spawning pads.
    Death count so far: 4

    Update no. 2
    Ok, so I took some redstone to the end to start on the pads, when I randomly fell out of the world. I did not spawn on the obsidian platform. Meaning: I am in desperate need of redstone and other resources
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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    Update no. 3
    Just finished designing the first 4 layers. Tried to place the sticky piston and got killed by endermen over and over again. On another note, I forgot that I needed lots of vines and buttons. So, if anyone has any spares, please make a chest at the farm with a sign. Thank you!
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    RE: Endermen farm suggestion

    Theres a chest full of leaves & sh*it like that on my old base, feel free to get them
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    I finished alot of work on the endermen farm. It works really good now

    within the amount of time it took to type this... i got 10 levels! yay!

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