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Thread: Jail bug?

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    Jail bug?

    First of all: I'm very sorry what I have done with ArwidK i hope he has got everything back what i've taken from him.
    As i was put in jail for 24 hours i just didn't want to wait, so i was idle and playing something else, because I've seen the time is going down I made my whole time with this method, but as the remaining time was one minute it suddenly stopped, someone telled me it is because of the idle. I were quite scared because i thought i would be never able to play here but then i googled "HappyDiggers Forum" and then i searched for a solve for this problem but i didn't found something, so i just want to ask: how can i get out of the jail now?


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    I will be on the jail server later today to see what the issue is. Either way, if you are idle, the time should not tick down. The message may though (if I did not code it correctly)...

    If your sentence is over, any admin (myself included) should be able to unjail you manually. I will do so if the database shows that your sentence was served.

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