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    Has anyone heard of Unturned? My friend suggested it a couple of days ago and I have been enjoying it, it is like Ark with a bit of Minecraft, but mostly it gives me a nostalgia from Hunter (1991) which was quite a significant piece of childhood.

    You start in a post apocalyptic zombie-infested world, where you start with nothing and have to loot villages to get basic weapons, gear, food and water, there are sometimes broken or useable cars and you can build bases and build onto vehicle chassises. I enjoy it more than Ark, but I wouldn't say it's better than Ark, just personal preference. It's also free, which is quite amazing.


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    It was quite popular among videobloggers like Mindcrack community about a year ago.

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    Yeah, I remember playing this a bit while it was in the early stage of development. Kind of reminded me Zumbi Blocks browser game I used to see kids playing just before I left grammar school
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    So a blocky version of 7 Days to Die

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