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    Upcoming Solar Eclipse

    It's pretty crazy here in Oregon. People have been driving from all over into our state since Wednesday. Cities are filled with traffic, gas stations are running out of fuel (with prices going up on those with any left), and people are renting out their front lawns to others that are desperate for a place to view the eclipse that can't find any housing or campsites available. I just so happen to live in a city in the totality belt, lucky eh? We've been getting warnings about the eclipse for a few months now by state officials and such with dire predictions on the amount of people coming into the state. Well It's still 2 days away and I'm sure the worst is yet to come. Still, should be an eventful few days

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    I'm right outside the totality belt myself, just barely, haha! Funny how it curves from you to me ;p

    Also going to be at work during the event, so I won't even get to see it! (unless I get a break during the time.)
    Watch me live, or not, up to you...

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    Be sure to wear eye protection

    Because, you know...

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