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    Ragnarok map problem

    If any mod reads this in less than 50 minutes, restart of Ragnarok would be nice. There is a problem somewhere in the canyon area and our bodies are trapped there, we can't reach them because each time we get close, the game crashes on us.

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    Ok, we finally managed after setting graphics extremely low. Never had this issue before, I wonder if the last update messed up something...

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    Hi, i also experience this problem after passing the canyons to reach the green obelisk, ark gets crashed and this pops out after game freezes and then closes after:

    yesterday , everything was just fine, but today after ark got updated, i get on , get on my wyvern grab a doed then head to my island. I barely almost reached green obelisk after passing canyons, and then crashed there. I could not log in, trying to figure what happened, after i restarted pc, etc, i get on i could log in , found myself dead by rex. I try to get on the other wyvern, and head there again to save my dinos and retrieve my body. The result happened again, i crashed again. I tried to verify the files, to get back onto ark. i managed to log in, i was alive still where I crashed last, but it was only 3 seconds, I crashed again.

    Not sure what is happening. Something is happening at green obelisk or between canyon and green obelisk?

    I warned few players on steam that were still online.. if they do try to go to green obelisk, they have to test it on junk flyer and naked body. Just to make sure they are fine?

    Is it possible that the server might need an update..? I think we will have to try this options and see if this fixes.

    i asked Yolo , my tribemate, to test it for me. He went naked on junk flyer to snow mountain, closer to green obelisk and canyon, and the result as predicted , he crashed and cannot log in until he dies. Something happening out there.
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    getting lost connection to host after 5-10 min of play. never left my base on Rag.

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    The servers weren't updated yesterday, so it may be some conflict with the client version and the old version since they claim the new version isn't backwards compatible on Ragnarok. The servers are being updated. Hopefully that will solve the issue.

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    So... servers updated, clients updated and clients are again higher version than servers. And I can't log in, I get timeout all the time and the game crashed twice already.

    Anybody else has problems now or should I kick my PC?

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    They released another non-backwards compatible version update for Ragnarok. Servers are being updated.

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    Oh, joy... another one...

    Thank you for prompt update

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