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    The Center Primitive Plus Server Closure

    HappyDiggers The Center Primitive Plus will be closing down two weeks from this post.

    I've kept a close eye on the server for the last 3 months, and even before hand, noticing dwindling activity. The past 3 weeks in particular has only seen 3 hours of total play time on the server. I'd like to re-purpose the server for other Ark related activities in the upcoming future. In order to do that I need to take down The Center Primitive Plus server first to free up those resources.

    I understand that there are still people who have a fair amount of resources including items and dinosaurs on The Center Primitive Plus which is why I'm going to open up downloads from the server into the HappyDiggers Ark cluster.

    Due to some issues with the transfer flags not working correctly all transfers to and from The Center Prim + are open for the HD cluster. Warning - Don't try to upload items to Prim +. You might lose those items. Transfers are open to allow people to move their belongings FROM The Center Primitive Plus.

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    HappyDiggers Ark The Center Primitive Plus has been closed.

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