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    Railroad Revisisted and More

    Hello Happydiggers!
    Though I have not been as active as I would have liked lately, I do have several projects in mind. For those of you unwilling to read a long section, here's a summary:
    -I plan to build an area in my town for other large towns to build embassies on. Contact me for details.
    -I plan on finishing my palace, and when I do, I will be hosting a huge feast for everyone. When I have a date planned I will let you know.
    -I would like to build a rail line south to Elba, and another north to Uppsala. For this I am anticipating a cost of 2000 wrought iron ingots. Donations would be great.

    Now on to the bulk of this post. Embassies, as mentioned will soon be coming to Serenity I hope. The requirements I am setting are that to build an embassy for your town, you must be one of the 6 largest active towns, and anything you build must consist mostly if not entirely of materials found near your town. When I finish my palace I will be hosting a party in its throne room. Copious alcohol and food will be provided. Gifts are not necessary or requested, but are, of course, always welcome. I have something like 40 barrels of alcohol that I would like to start drinking. If you would like to bring some of your favorite foods that would be great.
    As for the railroad, I will be building two bridges connecting my islands together, and to the mainland. I have procured land on, and a signed book from Voxiy-Tribe saying they will not mess with any road I build, or travelers on it. I want to attach a rail line to the bridge, and continue it south. Here I am asking the server admins for permission to build on the federal road. I would like to take it around spawn and then south through Lighthouse (asking Lemon for permission/co-operation), and then southeast to dragonsreach, skirt around the edge, and then south cutting through townymctownface (asking mini for permission/co-operation). From there I would head to Elba (asking for permission/co-operation from Elborax). I would like to build another north from Montblanc (maybe eventually from my town, but for now montblanc works). This one would cut through Stoneark, and then continue Northeast to Uppsala (asking Miner and flokj for permission/co-operation). For this I will obviously need a lot of wrought iron, and it would be great for those of you interested/bored of sitting around to donate some ore or ingots to me. I think I will need around 2000 ingots to build it all, and I am hoping to get about 1600 in donations. Any donations will be organized and stored in my palace vault (private plot) to prevent any tampering.

    Good day,

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    Hello Dragon

    Nice projects you have here, i look forward to attend to your opening party! I would love to build an embassy in your town, send me details ingame
    About the railroad project, i like it and you have my permission! Very hard and very cool!

    You'll find my first 288 (2 double chest rail) donation in my outsider's plot

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    Quote Originally Posted by _DragonTamer View Post
    (...) From there I would head to Elba (asking for permission/co-operation from Elborax). (...) I am hoping to get about 1600 in donations. (...)
    Hey, nice project you have here. Let's keep this clear, I am not going to actively participate, sorry. I am starting to be busy with whatever (a new) university is going to bring me in the near future, besides that, I have nothing meaningful left to do in TFC, everything is achieved.

    I have nothing against a railway to Elba, except for that I think it's not worth the effort (for me). I have already stopped building a road to that place, mostly because I fail to get active people in there, Elba is a ghost town. However, feel free to ask SuperSausage2 for materials and/or help, he is in charge of stuff in the town now.

    Good luck with the project, I will come tease you from dynmap!
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    Thanks guys for the support, 288 ingots is a great start! This will obviously be a slow process, but I do want to get a start soon. I, like elbe am enrolled in school, so time is tight for me, but I hope to get a good start before the end of the year. I wish elbe the best of luck with any future endeavors of his, and hope to see him on dynmap often.
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    With elbe's withdrawal from play to seek a more omnipotent perch in the dynmap, and an overall lack of interest from most parties on the server, I have been forced to withdraw most of my ambitious plans for a railway system. Lemon, I would still be interested in building a railroad out to Lighthouse, and so for that I think it will take about 170 iron ingots. If you could get back to me on how much you would be willing to donate now that would be great.


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    Yeah i'm kinda in the same situation here, lot of resources but lacking of time.. I'm still very happy about this project, and i would gladly back you up with materials, since i've got plenty of iron just sitting there taking dust.
    Do you want to build the railroad connecting our towns? Of course i'll help with my final part

    Same chest for more rails

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    Alright, a railroad btwn Lighthouse and Serenity definitely seems reasonable.I'll keep you up to date with any progress that occurs.

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