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    HELP! I claimed a third outpost!

    I just finished remodeling my farm outpost on the other side of the lake from my current farm. I wanted to move the outpost spawn down there. I unclaimed the chunk the outpost was in, but it stayed as my outpost, and I can still tp there. I tried doing /t set outpost, but it said it wasn't on an outpost chunk. So I made a third outpost, with the intention of deleting it and moving my old outpost there. So I claimed the chunk as an outpost, and did /t set outpost 1, but A) outpost 1 did not move to the new chunk, and B) outpost 3 still exists. Please help me fix this!

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    Do the following.

    1) Go to the outpost you wish to remove and unclaim all chunks connected to the outpost. All chunks except the home block of the outpost, it reads [Outpost] as you walk through it. (Best solution is to teleport to the respective outpost if you know its number)
    2) Run /t unclaim
    3) Do /t claim outpost
    4) Do /t to see the total number of your town's outposts. You should have one less now.
    5) If the number of your outposts did not decrease by one, repeat 2) - 4) until it works.
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    One thing to add, you can not move when do this, if you move it will not work.
    Go to the outpost you want to delete.
    Use /t unclaim 5 (This should unclaim anything within 5 chuncks, if there are still owned chunks close cant do the other steps.)
    Use /t claim outpost
    Use /t unclaim
    Remember do not move , you can rotate, just don't walk.

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    Alright, I fixed it. Thanks guys!


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