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    Jiro created a new town

    Congrats on the new town. It looks nice

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    Edit: Oh hey post #2000.

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    Congrats Jiro, although I must say this certainly throws off my plans. I was planning on building another town there myself with public farming, grinding, logging, and smithing facilities. Though this may be a bit presumptuous, is there any service or good I may offer you in trade for that island? I had intended to make it a pit stop for travelers before they entered what I assume will be a PvP zone (CakeVille). As they say, location, location, location, so I understand if you think its perfect for you. I hope this is a sign that you may be on TFC more often.

    Thanks, and good luck,
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    When InsaneJ told me what his claim is for on the left Island I decided it would be best to keep the right island claim for the same reasons. The proximity both islands have to each other and the isolation of being in the far reaches of the map in a corner away from everything makes strategic sense to have both islands claimed for whatever InsaneJ has planned.

    The multiple arenas he's basing his ideas off of are from an entire server so having the whole area claimed for whatever he might come up with is a good idea. The claims are not permanent and I'm sure will look different during the development and when the final product is released.

    If I were to play on the server as a player I would make a town elsewhere on the server and not in an area I used admin commands to teleport to and claim. I may end up on the server more frequently for administration reasons due to some plans we have for the servers in the future, but if I feel the itch at some point I might play. Things haven't been going well on the Ark servers and a break might not be a bad idea.

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    I’m slightly confused, are u saying ur claims there are temporary or that the entire area will be reserved for Insane’s use? If the former, I call east island!

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    My original claim was a jab at InsaneJ (town was called Anti-CakeVille). InsaneJ told me about his plans for the claim he made. I decided to keep the claim in case the area is needed for his plans. We used to have entire continents devoted to specialty game play such as Hard Core TFC before we moved it to its own world.

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    ok, thanks for clarifying.
    sorry if I was a bother

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