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    Question Non-creative games kill creativity and inagination?

    Hmm, guys, I had an unpleasant experience recently and it would be awesome to hear your thoughts about that.

    I tried to help a friend with building in Minecraft TFC. Nothing fancy.
    But I discovered that I literally have no imagination atm. I couldn't even choose a nice road design.
    And when needed to make a bridge - again, no ideas. It went so primitive and ugly that I ragequit for a while.

    There are many factors which may influence this, and which I can't change, but I started thinking about this one: I nearly stopped playing sandbbox\building games like KSP, Factorio, MC for some time already. Mostly I was playing FPS games like Planetside 2, STALKER, Warframe. And if you think about them, they are kinda like a grinding games, like WoW or Lineage. Well, Planetside 2 requires some tactical skill at least, but others - just killing and looting.

    So I wonder if playing such games exclusively actually deteriorates my overall creativity and brain.

    Have you had similar experience? Or heard about such? Do you think it is possible?

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    Expressing creativity is a skill. Like any skill, if you stop using it then your ability for that skill deteriorates over time.

    There are a bunch of YouTube video's where people revisit their early builds and remake them using the knowledge and skills they've obtained through the years. Their builds go from dirt shacks to pristine palaces.

    By the sound of things you did the reverse. Just keep playing, it'll come back to you

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    To your credit, I really like the placement of the road and bridge that you managed to build on PvP Island. I was thinking about how I would emulate it and continue the road, but decided to put it off until the end and focus on other pieces . Hope you didn't feel pressured to make amazing Tenterro-esque stuff because I'm certainly not pulling that off.

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    It will come back to you, don't force it.

    It's also possible that you don't have a vision for this particular road and this particular bridge. I've played MC many times on lots of servers and single games, with different modpacks and no modpacks at all. Sometimes I build very nice buildings (I'm particularly proud of one castle I've made on a server that, sadly, no longer exists ... but I still have the rough plans I've made prior to building, so maybe someday...). Sometimes, no matter what I try, everything looks meh. It's location, materials available, terrain and my general level of creativeness atm.

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