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    TechNodeFirmaCraft server request Town bonus plots

    Although we are already pretty generous (we think) with the amount of plots that towns get (currently 64 per resident), sometimes you 'need' more but you don't want extra residents in your town. Or perhaps you can't find other people to join your town in a reasonable amount of time. We will only accept request from towns that have existed 3 weeks or longer or have a combined on-time of their residents of 30 hours.
    This is intended for established towns that wish to expand but can't.

    For example if you settle on a small-ish island but mobs keep spawning on the beach at night and come wreck your settlement. Or perhaps you've settled on a mountain and would like the entire mountain for ores and valley below for cattle. Or perhaps you've settled in a river area and would like to follow the natural borders.

    This thread exists to give players a place to request bonus plots for their town to claim a specific area of land for their towns. The way to do this is as follows:
    1. Specify your town name.
    2. Post URL of "flat" map to your town (see below).
    3. Specify which part of land you would like to become part of your town, exactly. You can use coordinates on the map or post a screenshot of the map with the area drawn on it. It doesn't have to be pretty, as long as we can understand what you need.
    4. Give an estimate of how many plots that would take.

    Please use Dynmap to link directly to your town so we can easily look things up and process your request more quickly. The way to do this is:
    • Select the flat map (icon top-right)
    • Go to your town. (It's easy if you are on the server, then you can just click your player name on the right to move to your location on the map).
    • Select a zoom-level that shows your town + the area you wish to add.
    • Click the "link" button at the bottom left of the screen (left from the chat window). It will put the map-type (surface or flat), coordinates and zoom level into a URL in your browser which you can then copy/paste into this thread.

    Currently we have no maximum on the amount of bonus plots. The world is huge so it doesn't matter all that much. But please try to be reasonable about your request. Stuff we won't help with: towns creeping up on each other, claiming a giant square in the middle of nowhere, expanding the outposts of a town in full fledged towns. The plots we grant are to be used for the requested expansion only. If too many plots were given we'll take those back after the expansion is done. (We're not going to nitpick about a few plots).

    Please keep in mind that if you only need a few more plots, you could also gain them by voting for our sever. You get 10 smileys per vote and a bonus plot costs 100 smileys. Vote links are on the home page, top right of the page. Residents can /town deposit {amount} their smileys into the town bank and town mayors can /town buy bonus {amount} more plots.

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