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    Happydiggers 2018


    How are things in HappyDiggerLand? I haven't been around for a while, having played a lot of Minecraft since it came out I eventually needed a break for a while, will definitely get back into it in the future sometime. Must spend less time smithing, it's unhealthy!

    I have mostly been playing Factorio on LAN, and private sessions of GTA, Unturned, Terraria for a while, sure there's some more I can't remember. KSP and FTL singleplayer, and I set a record in Project Cars although my Nurburgring attempt isn't even close.

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    ARK servers are thriving. Some changes are expected (or already in place) in MC servers, a donor server is being tested. AMP and Vanilla servers seem to be a bit abandoned. TFC Freebie was enlarged recently, lot of new land added.
    I also don't play much MC lately.

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    I've been playing forza 7 mostly, got a t150 pro racing wheel on sale and am loving it. If you like ksp but wish it was harder and more complex, check out Homebrew on steam. It let's you build about anything and is multiplayer. I mostly make cars with crazy performance through logic.
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