A recent Structures Plus update has caused Industrial cookers and Industrial Grinders to not display their crafting folders. While it's inconvenient for the cooker, it makes the grinder impossible to use. The only fix is to replace the grinder/cooker and since we have settings to prevent structure pickup after an hour this becomes quite expensive for players. To remedy this I've instructed the staff to replace grinders and cookers for people that need them.

This is how it will work. You'll post a reply on this thread listing your request including your steam name, in game name, tribe name, the number of each type of structure, and which server(s) the request is for. A staff member will get in touch with you about the replacements. You'll have to coordinate a time when both you and a staff member can be online at the same time. The staff member MUST BE PRESENT when you demolish each structure and the resources from the demolish MUST BE DISCARDED. Failure to do either will result in no replacements. Base defenses must be powered down before a staff member can enter the base, so plan ahead. If a staff member is attacked during an agreed upon replacement period you may be subject to disciplinary action with the potential to be banned. Base locations don't need to be posted on this thread, save that for private messaging with the staff member that will help you.