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    The chunk protection system is again being discussed at VS Discord. Now it seems more real.
    Tyron (the main dev) needs this protection for in-game feature, merchant NPCs, they randomly spawn, and their huts need to be protected.
    So discussing to implement the protection in general for players too.
    People are telling about all the usual variants: Towny, Lockette, Civcraft.

    Tyron has just gave the following initial info about his plans:

    so my goal was: milestone 1 through commands, milestone 2 through gui
    the current command setup that i made so far now is as follows
    /land info - Show land info at given position
    /land claim new - Create a new claim
    /land claim start - Mark start position (where player is standing)
    /land claim end - Mark end position (where player is standing)
    /land claim add - Add cuboidal area deliminted by start/end position to the claim. After the first add players can add more areas to the same claim as long as the areas are adjacent
    /land claim save [name] - Save the claim you're currently settin gup
    /land claim load [id] - Begin to modify an existing claim
    /land claim grant [playername] - Grant full rights to your claim
    /land claim revoke [playername] - Revoke all rights to your claim
    /land list - Show list of your claims
    The default limits are: up to 3 non-adjacent claims, minimum area size 8x8x8 blocks, maximum total claim 32x32x32x4 cubic meters
    hm or maybe better 6x6x6 minimum

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    The mentioned command list is the low-level commands, they will not be accessible for ordinary player, who will have a separate GUI on the map with drag&drop interface to claim and protect their base.

    In the game not only trader huts will be protected, but also some gundeons and ruins probably.

    [Update] Or not. At least atm the commands are for players, just for starters.

    So it seems the next release will have the basic protection system which will allow players to claim stuff.
    We could first polish it on the VS public test server and if it works, try to make a publick HD VS server.
    No Prism-like stuff yet, but we can say that we are not responsible for non-protected stuff etc.

    SeptangulaRusToday at 17:02
    So @Tyron, the main question from me: do you plan to release some protection system in the nearest release or in the next one? So it could be used on a public server?
    Or no such plans atm, only "campaign" protection for trader huts in next release?
    Red RamToday at 17:02
    It would be really good to have . Not necessary immediately though
    TyronToday at 17:02
    @SeptangulaRus i already coded the commands i listed above, so yea, they would be in 1.6
    but in, like, pretty alpha state
    Red RamToday at 17:03
    But like Sept said, some sort of prism-like logging system would be extremely helpful when things get big enough to attract griefers. HD uses it extensively to police things.
    SeptangulaRusToday at 17:03
    Sorry, I meant the protection which can be used by ordinary players
    TyronToday at 17:03
    in the way i coded them now they are for ordinary players
    the commands are not for worldgen related area protections
    Red RamToday at 17:04
    The way towny works on HD, every initial claim by a player is effectively 'a town'. There's a lot of 1-person towns though.
    TyronToday at 17:04
    it uses the same land claiming system but chat commands are obviously just for the players
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    Devs have added basic protection to 1.6 rc1. Currently sharing permissions to others is bugged, but will be fixed asap till weekend approx, in rc2.

    I made an initial basic outpost near my base to allow other non-admin players test protection.
    My base is also protected, including crop fields.
    Unfortunately nobody can play, admins are not helpful because have too much rights

    So if anyone fancies trying to check how protection works, fell free to login on VS public test server.

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