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Thread: passive mobs

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    Lightbulb passive mobs

    hi there is so many passive mods at spawn there not letting other mobs spawn around the world.
    at least make it that we can kill them at spawn.
    or can you get them to stop lol.

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    What server are you referring to?
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    Please review the stickied posts at the top of sub forums. They're posted there to help us help you quicker and not have to beat around the bush trying to figure out what a player is trying to ask for or say based on general information such as not posting which server you're referring to out of the 14 or so servers we currently have running.

    How to report issues

    Side note: I noticed you joined the channel recently. The "BOFH" character was a bot, it only speaks when spoken to and helps run the channel which is why it wasn't responding like a real person to your questions.

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