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    [donortfchc] & [donortnfc] Servers are down.

    Include the following in your report.

    • What did you (try to) do?


    • What did you expect to happen?


    • What happened instead?


    • The date and time the problem happened. On the TFC serves you can press TAB to see the server's time, please report this time whenever possible. It's in CET. It helps us track events in the log files.


    • Which version of Minecraft and mods or mod pack are you using? (don't ever say: latest/current/last We need numbers)


    • Any and all crash reports related to the reported issue.


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    Relevant, read opening post:

    Those servers won't come online anymore I think.
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    That's right, I have shut down the TFC based donor servers. However the timing is a bit off. That's my fault. Sorry for that :B

    I've been sick for the past month or so and haven't finished the new donor server yet. It's almost done. Same goes for the new public TnFC server. All that needs to be done at this point is set the correct permissions for Nucleus on the donor server which is what replaces the Essentials Bukkit plugin. And for the TnFC server I'm waiting on Tenterro to finish up building one last bridge. Strictly speaking those things are not a requirement as you can play the mod pack on the new donor server without it and we could get started on play testing the TnFC server. But it's something that we like to have done before we proceed. It allows staff members to actually do staff member like things on the donor server. And for the TnFC server, having all the spawn structures done before play testing allows me to easily reset the world after this phase so nobody can get accused of hiding materials and gaining an unfair advantage that way.

    I know it sucks. In retrospect I have shut down the donor servers a bit too soon. On the other hand, you are the first donor to contact us about this. The donor servers have been pretty much inactive for a while now. I have moved Gweenypoo and Selphora who were active on the donor TFC server last week. I'm willing to do the same for you. Moving entails you writing up a list of materials that you would like to have for playing on the public TFC server. Think along the lines of:
    x amount of ingots A
    x amount of wood B
    x amount of stone C
    x amount of TFC "machine" D
    x amount of ...

    If you have a town on the Freebie server I can deliver the items there. Or, if you like, I can transport you to any location on the map so you can start (or re-start) a town there. You can use the new and improved isometric-view Dynmap to find a nice spot. I don't mind teleporting you around a few times to find a suitable location.

    If you would like to take advantage of this arrangement, send me a PM with the details.

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