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    Quest: Operation Phoenix

    Hello All,

    I am currently looking for a phoenix. They have stolen my heart with their awesome looks and my attempts so far in locating one have been unfruitful. If anyone happens to come across one I would very much appreciate an approximate location of where the sighting occurred. I have already tried Jiro's advice in wiping out wild dinos to get some phoenix's to respawn and will continue to do so until I come across one. Currently my main search area is around the red obelisk.

    Thank You for your time,
    -Theon (aka Billium) (aka Leonard Jam)

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    If you've already culled the whole scorched earth map a few times (that includes clearing out the wyvern scar), then they're likely already populated on the map. Heatwaves are random, and can even occur twice in one game day. In almost all cases though it would only occur once in a given game day and typically won't occur for several game days in a row. When I was taming one of my better phoenix I had to wait 4 hours between heatwaves at one point.

    Here's a quick and dirty representation of where I've found most of the phoenix when I was hunting them (and yes the inclusion of the dunes in the far west is accurate).
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    We've found ours on the desert in the north east corner of the map. We've found it there once, but did not manage to trap it before the end of the heatwave and the ashes fell down and disappeared (fell under the mesh). We couldn't play for the next 2 days, and when we returned, there was no phoenix in the area where we sighted ours (during a heatwave, of course), so we figured someone else already tamed or killed this one or it moved.

    A week later ... we saw a phoenix NOT during a heatwave, trapped partially under the mesh, VERY close to "our" phoenix. Probably it was our phoenix...

    Long story short, we managed to build a trap around it and tame it during next 2 heatwaves, but when out of heatwave ashes disappeared ALWAYS, but sometimes (rarely) one of us would see a phoenix trapped partially under the mesh, flying. Of course, any interaction with this phoenix wasn't happening.

    We both play on Nvidia cards with highest (Bob) or almost highest (me) video settings.

    Soo, be ready for weird rendering occurrences, plus it pays to troll the phoenix spawn areas even not during a heatwave - if you happen to luck out with a rendering glitch, you will know where to build a trap and wait for the next heatwave

    (Unless WC fixed that.)

    BTW, I remember reading that there can be one and only one phoenix on a SE map. So what does culling other dinos do to help spawn one? Or was that changed and we can have several now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chogata View Post
    BTW, I remember reading that there can be one and only one phoenix on a SE map. So what does culling other dinos do to help spawn one? Or was that changed and we can have several now?
    That's a myth perpetuated by the Ark community. It's not true at all. When phoenix were released on Scorched Earth we still had the Dino Tracker function on S+ transmitters for about a week before I ended up turning it off due to the sheer advantage it gave. It clearly showed all locations of phoenix ranging from as little as 3 to as much as 12 phoenix on the map at any given time.

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    Quest Log: 56

    It has been several days since we set out from base camp. Our long trek across this unknown land has been rather eventful. The creatures for the most part have been non-hostile. On the second day of travel Jerry had a surprise experience with a native small mammal known to the locals as a jerboa. Usually cute and docile, jerboas are loved as travel companions and are very sensitive to weather changes. Unfortunately for Jerry, Clive the jerboa was not his friend. Long story short Jerry had a falling out with Clive which ended in Jerry having a cactus stuck to his butt. The rest of the crew have been relatively safe and unscathed. The quest for the ever elusive phoenix has taken us west toward the Apeeain Mountains. Through local contacts we received reports of past sightings of phoenix's in that area. The past several days of travel have been useful in charting out this unknown land. As I write this log and gaze off into the sunset falling behind the mountains ahead of us I am filled with a sense of hope that the legendary phoenix will soon be mine.


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