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    Saving Server Creations

    Hi everyone, _DT here,
    I was wondering if anyone knew of any way for me to save my TFC town to a singleplayer world. When I was on with Elbe earlier, he floated the idea of Schematica, but in testing, it seems to cause serious bugs to occur with TFC. Any other ways anyone knows about?

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    Record videos, take screenshots, safe those for posterity. For now you don't have to worry about the server closing any time soon.

    One safe way to do what you ask is to run the server instance locally. But we have no plans to make the server files available.

    Another way would be for someone to download the server. Open it in MCEdit and create an export of the area around your town. This would require you to have the server's level.dat file or seed to work correctly. Both of which we're not willing to make available at this time. Also I don't think any staff is currently waiting for the amount of work that making dumps like this would bring. It really is quite a hassle to do correctly.

    Which brings me back to the beginning of this post. Just enjoy your town on the server. It's not going anywhere any time soon

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    Well, that's certainly reassuring. If you ever do have plans to close the server it would be MUCH appreciated if you could make some of that information available. For now, I'll work with what I've got.


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