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    A TFC Competition Thing

    So what if we had some kind of competition where the winner gets some reward not usually attainable, like an enchanted item. It seems like something that might get a community response. I noticed Dourne was trying to get a scavenger hunt thing going on the vanilla server. Idk lemme know if thats of interest to anyone.
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    Sure. It shouldn't be that hard to come up with some non-OP items for prizes.

    What kind of competition did you have in mind?

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    Well we could have some kind of scavenger hunt thing with riddles and or maps that u have to match to the dynmap. Or if the pvp island was completed, it could be gladiatorial combat. No pressure there .

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    I think that we can re-live something like The Best Towns of Happydiggers competition also. Given that there are enough towns to participate, of course. Despite the TFC server being a bit sleepy, there might be a good ten people from different towns.

    Perhaps we could go a bit further and start some kind of "peaceful" contest - with architecture and chiselling categories, maybe resource gathering on time? I can think of milk harvesting/cheese producing, rum making, etc...

    The PvP Island is sure being made for such combat events, it has time

    Anyway I like the idea, I might look closer into taking care of some events if there is enough interest in the future.


    As for rewards I propose:

    -vanilla lapis dye/blocks
    -brown dye (cocoa beans)
    -vanilla diamonds
    -end-game stuff from TFC progress?

    This would have to be properly regulated. Probably we can re-establish something along the lines of the former competition if we were to go for some kind of a contest.
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    I certainly do like those ideas. Netherrack would be something really nice to have.

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