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    ARKaelogy event not active on server

    I have not seen any fossil mounds so far and neither have I seen any player mention of them. The Tek Rexes appear to not be tied to the event and are a permanent addition to the game according to wiki and forum posts. Hence Tek Rexes showing up but no mounds.

    It would be cool to have the event activated. Thread with person who had similar experience on his server and the solution:

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    I was planning on having this be a permanent addition/event for the Ark servers and figured I'd just go through and add the start command flag when I had time since the event would naturally run until July 15th. Since that doesn't seem to be the case I'll see about adding the flags into all of the start scripts. That "should" force it to be active.

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    Thanks Jiro I've been wondering about that for a week now !

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    The Arkeology event force flag has been added to the startup scripts for the Ark servers. Ideally this will be a permanent addition. It may have to be removed during other future events though, I've never seen more than one event run on a server before.

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