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Thread: Logical Trades

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    Logical Trades

    TFC has a very limited array of coloured blocks, asides from lumber and the stone types, so i was wondering if some machines like the cherry dispenser at spawn could be set up to trade cloth or wool for wool blocks, and raw clay items into clay blocks. Then say another set of machines would allow for the purchasing of vanilla dyes to dye them with.


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    Been there. Done that.

    Several years ago I created trading/vending machines that could distribute unobtainable dyes among other things. The machines are not 100% reliable as the more complicated minecraft redstone gets on a live server, the more likely things break randomly. Another reason was that they weren't quite practical. The only people interested in using the trade machines were folks that needed a lot of the dye or other products. A single trade for one item can take anywhere from 10-60 seconds depending on current latency, number of players online, the user's current connection, etc.

    Using a plugin would be best, but we've dabbled with trade and shop plugins here and there when we start new TFC servers and there's always something that's broken. TFC doesn't play nice with others. The most practical scenario ended up being staff members that volunteered their time to trading with players. Wool blocks and clay blocks are not in default TFC and typically if it's not default we try not to mess with it. The TFC devs talked about adding clay blocks several years back, but didn't for unknown reasons.

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    Ok, so my best shot of getting clay and dye and the like would be to gather all my stuff to trade and submit a ticket?

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    Another thing is most of the vanilla blocks, once placed, are protected by a protection plugin as they are exclusively used in NPC structures and in federal roads. Trading many of those blocks to the public could cause problems due to that.

    I am personally fine with trading lapis blocks for TFC lapis items. It was done before, as long as you have definitive placement for them. Not sure about hardened clay as dyes are likely to be inapplicable to it in TFC, your best shot would be using as many native blocks as possible and looking for alternatives (wood, raw stones, stained glass, item frames with generated maps, etc).
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    I have experimented in creative singleplayer extensively, and there's simply nothing that matches what I need perfectly, I'll do my best to avoid coming back here, and if I do end up really wanting some clay and stuff, ill submit a ticket.

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    Possible use or make a resource pack that fits what you want?

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    But then nobody can admire it! InsaneJ and I spoke about it, and I will be making mock walls which will later be replaced with the permanent clay blocks is what I understood. When I have completed the mock walls I will let you guys know. Work has stalled for the time being so it might not be for a little while.
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