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    Unban appeal for Crimson

    First I'd like to clarify a situation a bit and request that no blame be thrown on LegendOfAir who was only trying his best to help me, even if he did a bit too well.

    I'll admit i may had been a bit too hopeful in that whole situation and i admit that seeing it from a different perspective i fully agree with how this looks and with the penalty given(but this is a ban appeal so i must also provide a counter argument otherwise dear reader i have wasted your time this far, so please continue to read).

    Regarding the first reason for the ban appeal: Asking staff members for favors
    I was trying to correct one of multiple mistakes my new tribesmates had made when joining the tribe, namely they presses join instead of merge, leading to them losing everything they had built/tamed prior, which wouldnt have been much as there was nothing valuable tamed, except for 1 thing, which wasn't tamed at all. I gave the first of my prime red argents(results of a lot of efforts and breeding with good stats, but perfect colors), to one of my guys as i was so happy we'd finally play together, this argent was 100% imprinted and while it has no other value, but pixels and polygons, it was my gift to my friend and he was really saddened that he lost the gift soon as he had gained it.

    I was assisted in fixing this by the admin, but while trying to bring it from the allied tribe of my mate, to our current one, he managed to delete it, most probably by mistake. It's not a problem as i know you can just spawn the same one and the only things i really remembered from that bird were the colors and the melee stat, because i had that one written down on a piece of paper that i used. I asked him to spawn the same level, not realizing what that would lead to, i still have no idea how it spawned a much higher level wild one, but i didnt have time to think about it as my turrets shredded it to pieces as soon as soon as it was spawned. TLoA(admin) then proceeded to move outside the range of my turrets while being shot by hundreds of bullets per second(also my fault i have to admit as i could have simply powered the generators off, after all i was being helped, not raided, but i didnt think of it). After relocating he then proceeded to spawn a high lvl argent with the same stat i had written down, i didnt at the time think that this was of any use to me other than to replace my mate's bird and TLoA was nice enough to restore the exact same colors i had spent so much time in getting(RED - my favourite color, hence the name of the character -> Crimson).

    I must apologize if i have indeed in any way made it feel as if im taking advantage of the helpful dude and i'd like to once again requests that no harm comes to him or my tribesmates, because of this action solely committed by me.

    As much as i fully agree with the first statement in the ban appeal, i must completely oppose the 2nd though: Disrespect towards staff and/or players

    I have never shown even the slightest disrespect, vocal or written towards a staff member or anyone in our server's community i believe. I could provide logs of my communication with staff members if proof is needed, but i'm pretty sure anyone that has chatted with me knows i'm a fairly talkative, but annoyingly nice dude(my tribesmates dont count they are slaves to the Blood God).

    With all of this information provided i would like to plead for my ban to be lifted. I have always done everything i can to improve the ambiance of our server and attract players towards it. While i know i may be a bit of a thorn i always try my best to compensate for everything i've done wrong, so if there's anything i can do to make amends I'll do my best to do it.

    Thank you for reaching the bottom of this long UNBAN appeal!
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    I've never had a reason to ever suspect you for a possible infraction in the past, and you've been with us for several years off and on. This whole scenario caught me by surprise, but I wasn't able to get in touch with you so I had to resort to an immediate action for which a ban was justified.

    Your unban specifics:
    • Our ban page uses a pre-answered layout, so I selected the options I thought fit the case the best. Based on the information I had received and the evidence I had uncovered, it appeared that our moderator LegendofAir was deceived into spawning in an extremely high level argent. That's where the "Disrespect towards staff and/or players" came in.
    • "Asking staff members for favors" depends on context. When you had requested aid, it wasn't a problem. When I find out the aid resulted in a superior/cheated advantage over other players that's a BIG problem.

    I had to piece together how this played out based on unintentional information from your tribemates, the argents I found in your tribe, and correspondence with the moderator that helped you. Any dino that's spawned in has to be calculated. If you tame a max level dino at 240 and it tames at or close to 360, then level it up another 40 levels from experience then you had a level 400 dino. If you spawn in a level 400 dino it will automatically enter the game as a level 600 with all of the stats to go with it before leveling.

    A spawned in dino with the level you received is close to double as strong as anything possibly obtainable (wild) without cheats on the servers.

    The maximum level you can tame a wild dino is 360. And then it was bred out a dozen or so times to duplicate its unnatural stats. My pressing question is how could you not know a spawned in level 596 argent wouldn't be against the rules and highly advantageous? In fact, your tribemate was boasting about the absurdly high level which is what tipped me off.

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    First i have to apologize for the distress i have caused you Jiro, i was informed by Avrara from my tribe whom i told to cooperate in any way needed as i realized that if you are removing them then there is a reason for it.

    To be completely fair i wasnt sure if that level was unreachable as this server has a much higher mutation count and therefore the stats on the bird wouldnt be hard to replicate even without the lvls. My main transgression in my own head is not realizing it immediately while TLoA was helping me that it's simply impossible for him to copy the stats, so me hoping for the same colors and stats was a lost cause.

    Regarding the spawned levels and stats, i'm a bit dumb to not realize immediately that if he spawns 400, and forcetames it, it wont just become 600 due to the 100% tame efficiency, i've been an admin before and i should have just calculated, but i was more worried about losing the bird's colors at the time as it took me months to achieve that, i couldnt care less about the stats even now, all my argents come from wild 240 parents and with really good saddles nothing wild can damage them(except alpha rexes/carnos/gigas), so damage is nothing more than a time saver, all stats are irrelevant above saddle armor 250. I'm mostly breeding for the colors and that was always my best achievement(the red argent). I am sorry if anyone felt we could pose a threat due to this advantage, but after i offered to reimburse my German neighbours that kept dying to my turrets, i have never even considered anything remotely close to pvp/raiding , nor have i in any way used the argents(or any other creature) against any member of our community(i would often go and help sausage kill the alphas killing his dinos and hit one of his tamed dilos once, nothing more), i was even offering my previous argents to different tribes as trade goods(as i had almost finished my colored project i had excess eggs) as i do with all dinos that i breed. I am really sorry and feel rather embarrassed that i didnt immediately realize that i wouldnt be able to use this bird due to its lvl.

    Regarding my boastful tribesmate, he's a boastful, but kind-hearted noob, who is fascinated by each and every new thing in this game, i assure you he hasnt even considered for a second that someone might consider that a problem.

    I'm once again sorry for this distress i have caused and of course i apologize for all the trouble i have caused. If there is any way i could compensate for i'd be happy to.

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    Unban request accepted. As I mentioned previously I've never had any reasons to suspect problems coming from you, and it sounds like there was just a problem that arose from the mixture of a staff member learning the ropes and a player that's more into Ark PvE. Since you've quelled my concerns over possible advantageous admin abuse which was the issue I was most interested in, I see no reason to include a downgrade to a warning which is typical of successful ban appeals.

    Your ban has been removed, the servers should auto update with that information over the next 10 minutes at most. If not, let me know.

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