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    Something wrong with herbivore breeding?

    I log in this morning and yet again my Gigantopithecus babies died overnight from starvation. I had this happen before with them and Stegos. My nanny was stuffed and my feeding trough aswell. Do they just not eat when the area gets unrendered while their food still ticks down?

    When I am online, they grow up just fine.

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    You're likely falling victim to the old bug where the growing dino decides to stop eating for no apparent reason. It's a bug that has been in Ark since the dawn of breeding and one that the devs still haven't 100% fixed. They've tackled it maybe 4 or 5 times now and said they fixed it each time. If you catch a growing dino doing this you have to force feed them the food directly in their inventory, but more often than not the dino will die because watching them 24/7 isn't exactly ideal. It can occur at any time under any condition.

    As for not eating while unrendered, you are correct. If the area of the map is unrendered the dinos will stop eating the food, but the dinos will freeze as well. The food stat will still tick away but not in real time, rather it will be saved at what the dino should be at when it becomes re-rendered until it hits 0 (no negative food counts). The maximum health of an unrendered dino will also tick up in the same way, so when the dino is re-rendered the hp it was at when it was unrendered will be the same, but the max hp could be much higher, making the dino appear bloodied and close to death.

    The unrendering of growing dinos would not cause the death of the dinos if food was readily available upon re-rendering though, so I find it much more likely you're experiencing the auto-starving bug.

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