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Thread: Confused

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    RE: Confused

    fog. you are banned, end of discussion.

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    RE: Confused

    No im not supposed to be perm ban!

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    RE: Confused

    /me waves at flying

    How are you doing? It's been a while

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    RE: Confused

    Oh hey J! Long time no see/speak buddy! Been a bit busy lately and haven't really had time to get on the server much, but I will be back soon!

    And Fog, you are supposed to be perm banned. Now please, drop it.

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    RE: Confused

    fly told me i would be back on in three months when he ban me and i should dtill be temp ban!!!!!!!!

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    RE: Confused

    Read what fly said, end of discussion
    Nuff Said

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    RE: Confused

    i never once said you'd be back? you are perm banned. end of.

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