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    I've made a preliminary test server for Extinction. I've noticed players have already gotten on it. You should be aware that this is a Test server and as such will be wiped before I release it to the rest of the community. That also means you can't be uploading/downloading things into and out of the cluster for the time being. When the server is officially released you'll have free reign.

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    Epi and I transferred our mains character to the map. Before map will be wiped the next day ( when the testing period over) , we woudl like to safely transfer our naked chars back to their server, so we don't loose our main chars.

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    same if that is needed

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    I'm still working on this, slowly.

    The plan is still in development, but it will involve new servers and re-balancing of existing rates, existing mods, and new mods. Any big changes that occur will come with plenty of warning, and a lot of these plans likely won't be implemented until after the server hardware migrates to me in the US. I'm holding off on having InsaneJ send me the hardware until I have everything ready here so we have as little downtime as possible.

    In the mean time, feel free to continue to share your thoughts on good maps, mods, and other aspects of Ark you'd like to see and perhaps it will be added in the future

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    When/if that PvE server launches, I'm on it.

    In the meantime - I'm in love with this mod: No more lengthy notes on which dino had which stat at which level!

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