While an Extinction server is already guaranteed to be added when released, I'm looking into the addition of another Ark server to our cluster. Having a donor only server has been appealing for a couple of years now, we just haven't had the resources to make one without losing access to something elsewhere. Now that we have more RAM to work with this is currently what I'm considering:

- Converting the Scorched Earth server into a donor only server. This is our least populated/popular map, but it's an official map, has been running for several years, and has a very low server resource footprint. If converted to donor only, I would also spice up the server with some more perks such as having S+ dino locations turned on.

- Adding a new modded map with a twist. The map would be an anything goes PvP server where the wipe rules would not apply. I'm play testing The Volcano and ISO Crystal Isles on a test server right now. The current thought is that the server would have advantageous rates and other unique capabilities, only characters can transfer to the server, items/dinos/characters can transfer out, and many other settings tweaked to allow for a 'wild wild west' style of a server.

If you have suggestions, objections, or anything in between feel free to post some replies and get some conversation going about what we can do to improve our Ark cluster.