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    Quote Originally Posted by bram_dc View Post
    Vik youre right im sorry. I got mad. But I didnt raid friendship. I just put the loot in chest so it wouldnt go away. Just to be nice after Someone else raided him. Not giving names but you can guess who did that. (and i didnt lie about not seeing him he was on his rock drake in invisible mode). Sorry guys for causing this much trouble. I hope im allowed to go back to my home as soon as possible.
    Quick question, so who did you raid ? Obviously the cards are stacked against you so it would be a good time to come clean about who you raided ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dentodili View Post
    Quick question, so who did you raid ? Obviously the cards are stacked against you so it would be a good time to come clean about who you raided ?
    I sold like 50 c4 to daan from the tribe the minion masters and transported daan to joeys base where he could destroy the feeding trough cause he needed meat.

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    I Am Sorry

    I’ve waited a few days now and realised I was wrong. I’m sorry. Can I please get unbanned? I take all the accusations on me. I promise I will act following the happydiggers rules from now on.

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    Don't worry they will get to it when they have a chance ( as everyone's life is different, so there will be few delays but nothing much. )

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    Quote Originally Posted by bram_dc View Post
    I sure believe you are neutral. I didn’t know you yet or don’t know your ingame name. The server is not 100% PvP as Vik told me. It’s both PVE and PVP. I agree I joined the PvP side after I brought Daan to Joey’s base, but there are 2 problems when I got raided. First of all they raided me not for loot, but as warning, which as I think stance forbidden in the rules. I interpret the rule as: Only raid for loot. Which they clearly didn’t and also said in main chat. I don’t know if in right with that, but thats how I see it. Secondly Jiro shows up at the raid and does alot of the work that needs to be done. Apparently he’s allied to Joey, but there was no way that I could have know that that was the case. I saw him scouting my base for a few days and though he was just checking out my new base. I just think that it is unfair for me to get 3v1 with them having tek and me wanting to play PvE. And I get a base destroyed because I helped detroying 1 feeding trough. Only 1 nothing more. So in my opinion the raid was just for fun and not for the loot. Which aa I say again is forbidden.


    When I joined in abberation after I was banned I asked
    if this was allowed what I was doing and got the answer: Jiro comes on soon, ask him then. So I just went chatting with Vik and Paage waiting for Jiro to get online.

    All the 5 points that got mentioned I think I possible crossed the line and got angry because of the way things went. I got angry about the server because Jiro was IMO not following the rules, what really triggered me. And I don’t spam, it’s just ark being ark, and be fair it only happend twice as I can remeber. I’m sorry for all the insults I made and want to apologise for that. Sorry Jiro for calling you autistic. But that was not why I made this post. I wanted to clear out what happend and have a neutral POV about the just happend raid. Thank you, Bram.
    I thought taking a few days to think about your appeal would be helpful, but I still can't justify giving you another chance on the server. Here is why:

    - You made it clear (over and over again) that you distrust me, that you think I'm breaking my own rules, and that I'm using administrative commands to gain an unfair advantage over other players. Why would you even want to play on our servers now?

    - I've dealt with a lot of banned players and ban appeals over the years now. You tend to develop a bullshit sensor. I don't really get any sincerity from your replies, particularly when they're followed by questions on the discord that assume this whole ban appeal process is just a formality for a guaranteed unbanning.

    - The final paragraph of the quoted reply pretty much tells me that you don't think the ban was justified. In your opinion, I broke the rules (see the 1st bullet), you didn't spam (yet the chat filled with your copy/paste crap), and you apologize for the name calling but then take it back by saying you weren't really interested in talking about that in the first place? Instead you go on to say that it's more important that your side is made by emphasizing a "neutral POV" which once again reinforces the admin trust problems you have with me.

    - And this last reply just screams of 'I'll say whatever just to get unbanned'

    - You also keep talking about how the rules say this or that and telling me "your interpretations" of them, as if I didn't establish the rules myself. Next time ask a staff member something instead of 're-defining' their own rules. You were so dead-set on my rules being incorrect, and then turned around to say, "I promise I will act following the happydiggers rules from now on.". So what does that mean? My rules are correct and you lied but now you're going to follow them? Or my rules are flawed and you're willing to play on a server you don't even agree on the rules with.

    - Need I mention the whole 'Tell on me to InsaneJ or any other admin 'above Jiro' ' scenario immediately preceding this thread?

    I do my best to make Ark enjoyable for all. I spend a lot of time upkeeping the Ark servers for our community to enjoy, and occasionally I can find some time to enjoy them too. I don't want people on the servers that feel like they're being cheated in one way or another. It breeds a toxic atmosphere and it soils any play time I actually get.

    You probably won't see it this way, but denying your appeal will do you more good in the long run. You shouldn't play on servers with staff you don't trust and rules you don't agree with. If you can't find any, go play on official servers.

    Side note: If you want to play PvE, don't play on PvP. It's very simple.

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