This is essentially what the outcome will be if I go through and remove every conceivable exploit from our servers. For years we've used a common sense rule and haven't needed to change our main rules at all for Ark. Now I've got people complaining that the rules aren't clear, that they're not concise enough, that there are loopholes, etc.

In order to address these problems I made some more in depth rules. In order to comply with them I had to start making some drastic changes to how things work in the server, most notably Structures plus. I immediately received push back, and people were unhappy with how it would negatively affect their already made structures. Hardly anyone was immune to the changes as they've been apart of our servers since we started them.

Here is the real truth in the matter of defined rules:

If I make the servers as exploit free as I possibly can, you WILL NOT have Structures Plus, you WILL NOT have Protected Passives, you WILL NOT have Ultra Stacks, and you WILL NOT have a good portion of the plugins. Is this what the Ark community wants? It's an honest question, because I don't have many options here. I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't lately.

I rolled back the servers to a few hours prior to this post to reverse the cube removal change while we hash out how we're going to move forward here.