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    OK wow...what i miss??

    uh where to start.
    1. IMO removal of any of our current mods (S+ mainly) = wipe, no question. 99% of all our bases are S+. ***This is a bit extreme in my view though. easier to change rules.
    2. Exploits/skybases/undermesh - caught once banned (nice rule change), not to mention i dont even know how since i just play the game as intended anyway.
    3. current offenders of above exploits need to change their stuff immediately. say a week....get moving.

    I agree with InsaneJ - this post was written based on this comment.
    "In my opinion, those players can shove off. Loophole arguments are typically made by players who know exactly what they are doing. If someone needs to be told not to act like a jerk and does so anyway, then that person is not welcome. "

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    Not really up to date on what has been happening but after reading through this thread I think I kinda get whats happening. Getting rid of S+ and all the other mods I don't think would be a good solution. That is literally why I started playing here, cause it just made the game better. If people abuse things like going under the mesh just ban them. I don't know, I just feel like there is a better option. Any way you could track this sort of stuff? Also has the S+ developers brought this up at all? Maybe they have a solution to preventing this. Try to find different angles at the problem then just deleting S+ cause that is a lot of annoyance for players just to prevent the 2 people or whoever on the server from putting stuff under the world.

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    I agree that common sense covers most, but some rules will be interpreted differently because of how people view/experience things. It's easy to draw a line on duplication, building underground bases or having dinos or structures with inventory under the mesh and I'm glad you updated the rules with that.

    But stuff like no player harassment on a PvP server will depend on how the targeted person experiences it. Imagine jailing someone. One person might view an hour of inability to play as harassment, while another person only feels that way after half a day of inability to play. I remember discussing this with "dark lords of the dodo" and they did not even view jailing someone for an extended period of time as player harassment. Do they lack common sense? I don't know, maybe only when it comes down to those things or because common sense is not applicable to everything or because common sense is not that common afterall (cultural differences and whatnot).

    Other things that come to mind is repeated killing of naked players after you raided them, repeatedly raiding someone, killing passive dinos, wiping outposts etc. PvP server and playing nice is a difficult equilibrium to keep. Where do/can you draw the line on those things.

    I honestly don't know how you would fit those things into rules, cause they are affected wildly by people's emotions, time they can spend in the game or their persona. Maybe it could be refined, so people atleast know when they cross a line or when the recipient of "PvP" actions has been unfairly treated. Either way, it's quite a challenge to come up with a solution to this.

    Luckily, in my time playing here, I haven't come across a scenario where people enter grey area regarding player harassment yet. Maybe no refinement is needed now, but you never know what the future holds. Or like people say in my language: "Goede afspraken maken goede vrienden."

    Or turn all servers into PvE!

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