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    TechNode Firmacraft Server - known issues

    This thread is just to keep a list of know issues we've encountered with TnFC on our new public server so far.

    TnFC version 3.6:

    • Prattle mod crashes the client in some cases.
    • WARNING Do not use sleeping bags, places you below the ground and you die.
    • Special AI mod crashes the server.
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    • Tornadoes perform an excessive amount of grief on server due to the effect being cumulative over time.
    • KCauldron issue: Zombies/Skeletons burning during day time take vanilla damage.
    • Item use with right click uses a block from inventory but retrieving block after placement disappears.
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    • Having 360 days in a year may cause trouble for larger towns with the current limits on farm plots. Also it takes several irl days for crops to grow making it difficult to maintain on a server. Perhaps we need to change to 96 days instead.
    • Fastcraft is outdated. TnFC has Fastcraft 1.23 while currently Fastcraft is at version 1.25. Client may crash when using current version of Optifine and Fastcraft 1.23.
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    • TFC bow and arrows don't seem to work. The bow tries to draw but then stops. Fixed with update.
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