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    New Largest Town!!

    It is my pleasure to announce that, with the recent addition of fromchaos44 to Serenity, we have reached 35 residents, making us (I think) the most populous town on Happydiggers FreebieTFC and the proud owner of the "and more..." at the end of our /t description. ) Its been a very long time in the making but nonetheless its been a great pleasure and I am as always very grateful for the uniquely pleasant community here and the staff's constant hard work.

    I think the podium at spawn needs updating :P

    On 2/24/19 at 12:00 PM PST I will be hosting a party in Serenity in the throne room of my palace complete with alcohol and food and gifts for attendees. Everyone is invited, hope to not be alone *single tear*

    Thanks everyone,
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    Didn't know so many people still played TFC. Nice to hear, gz.

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    Well most of them are long inactive but still

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    Nice job!

    The podiums at spawn are actually for the last TFC server we had and they were carried over during the move. IIRC that was something Pernix and Ethe spearheaded and the competition that was supposed to be monthly only occurred once.

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